Services – Aerial photography

The ways where aerial photography can be used is numerous. From marketing print, like flyers, brochures or posters or website content to specific uses like mapping, surveying, inspections and lot other uses.

Our different state of art drones are it is adapted to specific missions that they would be fulfilled best as possible.

We do use full range of cameras and sensors depending on application: from small GoPro´s, Evil cameras like Sony ILCE-6500 to Big DSLR like Canon 5D Mark 4. For more specific tasks, specific sensors like NDVI index for agriculture or LiDAR for mapping applications is used.

The only restrictions for us is the legal limits set by a governmental air security agencies, the flight need to be conducted following next guidelines: up to 121m (400 feet) high, up to 500 meters from the pilot and 8 km from the nearest major airport.

We do always answering all inquiries no matter how small or big it is, so if you want to have some picture fro the air do not hesitate to contact us!

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