Services – Cinematic Aerial Filming

Few years ago to get great shots from above you needed to hire helicopter or even plane. It was not only expensive but much more complex, as a lot of staff and machines with gadgets were involved. Now days things changed with arrival of UAV (better known as drones). It does not mean that everyone who bought drone in store can do same job as before, as it takes a lot of things to prepare before take off, as preparing flight plan, informing authorities, getting permissions to fly in some cases, dealing with landlords and etc., but with our trained and licensed pilot it can save you money and get best possible results.

From real estates agencies to cinematographers and creative directors, everyone can profit from our services.

Some technical information about our fleet:

  • Custom made UAV´s with payload up to 10 kg also RTF drones capable to capture up to 5.2K Cinema DNG or PRORES Video
  • 20mpx sensors, Sony A7Rii and Canon 5D mk4 C-LOG.
  • We can operate legaly up to 400 feet (aproximately 120m) from the ground and 500 m from pilot
  • All systems are almost ready to fly on arrival so it takes short time to start filming

Combining our experience in filming and photography and extensive engineering background we will deliver results timely and only in satisfactory and highest quality.

If you have any questions or want to get budget without commitment for your project contact us.

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