Aerial photography & Cinematography

Infinita Drones are remotely piloted aircraft system (known as RPAS, UAV or drones) experts and able to provide you with professional pictures and high-definition footage of your chosen subject. When it comes to trusting someone to get the footage you need – look no further. Our platforms can capture footage of your desired location from angles not thought possible before.

Aerial footage is captivating and we have found that it is shared, searched and viewed far more than any other type of photography or film within the industry.
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From initial contact until the day flight will be done and required footage will be captured, every client gets access to full information, like operational plan, map, security examinations, to ensure everything will be done very clearly and professionally.

Filming and photographing with aerial platforms provides an amazing sense of space which is highly important to convey on larger properties.

Experience and Reliability

What makes Infinita Drones different from other market players?

  • We are professionals – pilots are fully certified, by passing all theoretical and practicals exams, our drones are certified and insured with one of most comprehensive product from aerial vehicles insurance leaders in Spain Generali Seguros – Generali Aeronaves. Each drones and pilots civil responsibility is covered up to 1.000.000,00 euros. Before we went to the sky we had worked for years in photography and video sector, so we not only know how to get to the sky, but when, where and from which angle we need take picture or video.
  • We are designing and building our drones by ourself, giving them functionality they need to complete mission. This makes them different from factory build UAV, that we can do some projects more secure and precise than ones who have a lot of non necessary functions, also adopt them to equipment we need to take to the air.
  • Every project small or big for us is very important, and if we take it no matter on budget we will do it only best way as possible. We will finish project and be happy only when you will be!

We are trusted by well known world class companies

Channel 4RedBull TVHistory ChannelBBCViasat TV3

Real Estate

Aerial photography and cinematography is very useful, to show potential buyers beauty of property and especially surroundings. Contact us to get a quote today!

Film and TV industry

Having extensive experience and newest technology we can offer to shot needed footage for your project up to 8K RAW video quality.

Technical jobs

From electric power line, wind turbines to offshore oil platform inspections. Aerial inspection has became to new level and more costly effective with newest UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) help. Contact us to discuss your project no matter how small or big it is.

We create unique shots

Every project is unique, as we are. From beginning we do a lot studies and as drones still is emerging technology we must take a lot of factors to plan shooting, even if we will have problems with initial plan we will have at least few backups to do everything possible and beyond to deliver only best results possible.

Apart from that every project does have its mood and we always will try to find and accomplish it.